Joker "Reality Check"

December 2 2010
10 pages

writer: Peter Miriani writer
artist: Szymon Kudranski

Joker (first appearance Batman 1, Spring 1940)

A celebrity shrink plans to proof that Joker is fit to stand trial becauseThe Clown Prince of Crime is not as insane as Joker wants the public to believe. If that's the case the Harlequin of Hate would be send to death row.

For that story to work the reader has to accept the mentioned shrink must be fearless.
He does not only repeatedly meet with the Joker inside Arkham Asylum he even teases him
Completely ignoring the Joker's reputation (I'm sure he has one in the DC Universe) and his talent for escaping repeatedly! This set up could have gone wrong if the Joker himself would not be written as well as in this funny and disturbing short story. A character as overused as often as him and on occasion written poorly this version of the madman feels true. The Gorgeous art makes Joker resemble his classic appearance in a photo realistic way and
Shows Arkham Asylum's haunting halls and corridors.

Riddler "May I have this dancer" 10 pages

Paul Tobin writer
Ryan Kelly artist

Edward Nigma or Nashton/Riddler (first appearance Detective Comics 140, October 1948)
Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Since the Riddler has gone straight and uses his talents working as private eye
it is even more enjoyable to read about him than during his criminal past.
In a new case his will is tested until Catwoman pops up to help him out.
A short, well drawn adventure. All ages material and not as thrilling as the Joker